16 September 2017

Html Basics

Html Basics

What is HTML?

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the language used to write Web pages which consists of codes (tags) embedded in the text of a document.

What are Tags?

Tags are codes in an HTML document which the browser reads and then interprets for subsequent display to a reader. Tags are not visible when an HTML document is viewed in a browser, but their effects are. Tags begin with the opening symbol "<" and end with the closing symbol ">"; and usually come in pairs, one that begins an action and one that ends it.
Below is an example of an HTML tag and its respective browser display:
HTML Code   Browser Display
I want to <B> emphasize </B> this!   I want to emphasize this! 

Explanation of Document Structure

Each HTML document has a minimum number of tags. Here is the very least HTML code that can be called a "page":

<TITLE>This is my page Title!</TITLE>


This is my message to the world!



NOTE: HTML is not case sensitive. <title> is equivalent to <TITLE> or <TiTlE>. 

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