06 October 2017

Javascript for beginners

o JavaScript is an interpreted, client-side, event-based, object-
oriented scripting language that you can use to add dynamic
interactivity to your web pages.

o JavaScript scripts are written in plain text, like HTML, XML,
Java, PHP and just about any other modern computer code. In
this code, we will use Windows NotePad to create and edit
our JavaScript code, but there are a large number of
alternatives available. NotePad is chosen to demonstrate
JavaScript’s immediacy and simplicity.

o You can use JavaScript to achieve any of the following:

 Create special effects with images that give the
impression that a button is either highlighted or
depressed whenever the mouse pointer is hovered over it.

 Validate information that users enter into your web

 Open pages in new windows, and customise the
appearance of those new windows.

 Detect the capabilities of the user’s browser and alter
your page’s content appropriately.

 Create custom pages “on the fly” without the need for a
server-side language like PHP.

 And much more…


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