18 November 2017

Top 10 Niches of 2017

Top 10 Niches of 2017:


Now that you’re all caught up with our top niches of the previous years it’s time to talk about 2017.
Each year we are learning and building on what we found out the previous year. So not only are we looking for those passionate segments of customers, but we want to have high upsell value to get more money with each transaction.
This year we’re focusing on the best passion niches that you can create Facebook groups around and become a leader in. If you build a thriving community around your products you will be able to sell more to your customers and get a ton of organic and referral traffic!

These niches are broad while still being specific. Meaning there are a lot of associated products you can sell with/after they purchase your main offer. Which means you’ll have huge upsells on the main offer AND be able to continually sell to them after!

Why Build A Community?

Building a great community will turn you into a trusted authority to your customers and newcomers alike. Facebook is a destination, a habit, a way of life. So if you can tie your brand to their Facebook AND have them interact, then you become more than just a store. You become a destination, a habit, and a way of life.
Just look at the average daily social media to see the potential:

Average Daily Time Spent on Social
Facebook comes in second place with an average of 35 minutes per day! That’s huge. You could have people’s attention tied up with your brand for 30+ minutes EVERY DAY.
So what niches are perfect for building Facebook groups with?
Here are the top 10 niches of 2017 for building communities with:
  1. MMA Training Equipment: Take advantage of the buzz created around fights
  2. Spelunking: It’s a competitive hobby, think photo bragging rights of “who climbed into that really really small hole”. Plus it’s usually a group activity. 
  3. Survival Prepping: Think “Doomsday” Preppers.
  4. Exotic Pet Supplies: People, LOVE their pets, and they also LOVE talking about their pets.
  5. RC Cars & Planes: Not just for kids. Adults pay some serious bucks for this niche.
  6. Rock Climbing Equipment: Also a group activity. Many rock climbers join local climbing Facebook groups to meet fellow climbers & talk “rock”!
  7. Lawn Care: These are the type of people who win “Lawn of the Month”.
  8. Robot Building: Another expensive “toy” for adults. There are even robot competitions!
  9. Bio-Hacking: Huge trend up over the past few years.
  10. Amateur Photography: So many accessories to talk shop about: light boxes, stands, green screens, filters, etc.
With these niches, you’ll be able to build up an active Facebook group that your customer will love to interact with. More importantly, you’ll have a brand that they’ll love to buy from!

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